Gordon Baldwin, Objects for a Landscape

Gordon Baldwin
Objects for a Landscape
Plymouth City Museum
2 February – 11th May

‘My pots make connections with many notions. Their meanings will be different for everyone who looks at them, and for some there will be no meaning at all’.

Gordon Baldwins ‘Objects for a Landscape’ exhibition is at Plymouth City Museum from the 2nd of February to the 11th of May. It features a vast collection of works by Baldwin, spanning his whole career, but particularly from the 1980’s onwards, when he started to find his voice as an artist and gain prominence.

The hundred-strong collection shown in this exhibition explores many themes that have interested Baldwin over his fifty year long career, such as music and landscapes. These themes are clearly present in the ceramicists work, the pieces often from organic shapes, and have an element of lyricism or poetry about them, with some of the delicately elegant forms.

gordon baldwinFig 1. An example of Baldwin’s work on display

The display of the exhibition was unconventional, divided into two corridors with the vast array of works placed on step-like shelves with the occasional backdrop of a framed painting or sketch by the artist. The gallery became reminiscent of a market stall, and it became almost as though a treasure hunt, for viewers to find their favorite work, amongst all the pieces demanding attention.

arreck baldwin         Fig 2. An image taken during installation of the exhibitions unusual format

The scattering of works could also be read as a forming a ‘landscape’ themselves, the dysfunctional works of different sizes could stand as boulders on a headland.

George Baldwins unconventional exhibition will be loved by some viewers and hated by others respective of the individuals tastes. The minimalists will be overwhelmed by the amount on offer, but the patient and determined art viewer will find a treasure trove of interesting biomorphic ceramic works.



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