Ghosts in the Machine (Review the Review)

The article reviewed is entitled ‘Ghost in the Machine‘ and is from Friezes online archive.

The title of this article from Frieze magazine online immediately draws the viewer in. For most it is a clear cult reference, to the literary works of Isaac Aisimov, particularly ‘I, Robot’. (Which was recently popularised into a film) This is a good technique to draw a reader into a review, as it immediately creates a connection between the viewer and the article.

The tone George Pendle uses is conversational and friendly, whilst still retaining a formal edge. There are many references to other movements and works within the article, which in some cases can alienate the reader, and also give the article a ‘stop-and-start effect’ as the reader either pauses to look up the terminology that has not been understood, or, does not therefore understand the article fully.

Pendle creates a clear journey through the show, which makes it much easier, as a reader, to visualise the effects and sensations the exhibit creates. The reader feels as though they are walking through the show with Pendle, without actually being present.

The vivid language and descriptive vocabulary, i.e, ‘terrifying snapshots of strange quasi-technical experiments’, used within the article makes it easy for the reader to immerse themselves within Pendles’ writing and also feel part of the authors viewing experience.

However, the article seems to end quite suddenly, it seems to be lacking a summative paragraph, which would have aided the reader in reflecting and recapping what Pendle has presented.

Pendle, G. (2012) Ghosts in the Machine. Frieze, (150), Available at: [Accessed: 09/05/13].


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