50 Word Summaries

History Lessons: The Short Century by Jill Dawsey
The Exhibitionist

Dawsey discusses ‘The Short Century’ curated by Okwui Enwozor, an exhibition vast in its media choices; featuring a plethora of artistic approaches, juxtaposed with music and writing, bound together with strong historical context, revealing major events in Africa’s recent history. It raised awareness of Africa’s post colonialist culture, and featured subtle subversion of the hegemonic power once held over its people.

Dawsey, J. (2010) History Lessons: On The Short Century. The Exhibitionist, 1 (1 ), p.5-7.

Documenta 12, and the Future of Thinking by Chus Martinez
The Exhibitionist

Chus Matrtinez argues that ‘Documenta 12 could be better read as an attempt to study the state of exhibition making’. He implied that the curators’ aim was to create something ‘new’, inline with modern societies needs, central to Documenta 12’s exhibiton aim. He summised that thinking and its future combined with the sharing of knowledge are at Documenta 12’s core.

Martinez, C. (2010) Documenta 12 and The Future of Thinking.. The Exhibitionist, (1), p.7 – 9


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